Workshops and Seminars for Professional Dog Trainers

Hands-on science-based events for dog professionals searching to improve their skills

Whether you're a dog trainer, groomer, dog walker, or veterinary technician, hands-on science-based seminars, workshops, and symposiums for certified dog training professionals and other social animal trainers can be an excellent way to expand your knowledge and skills in the field of dog behaviour and training. These events offer a unique opportunity to learn from renowned experts, exchange ideas with fellow professionals, and gain practical experience in applying scientific principles to dog training.

From workshops and seminars to conferences and symposiums, there is a wide range of hands-on events tailored specifically for professionals in the field. These classes often feature renowned speakers who share their expertise in various areas of dog behaviour, such as separation anxiety, aggression, and fearfulness. The interactive nature of these courses allows participants to ask questions, engage in discussions, and even participate in hands-on training exercises.

Attending a hands-on science-based seminar can also provide an opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest research and advancements in dog training. With the field constantly evolving, it's crucial for professionals to keep themselves informed about evidence-based training methods and techniques that promote positive behaviour. These events often focus on the practical application of scientific principles, ensuring that participants gain not only a theoretical understanding but also the necessary skills to implement what they've learned.

In addition to the educational benefits, hands-on science-based workshops offer a chance to network and connect with fellow professionals who share a passion for dogs. These gatherings provide a platform for collaboration, allowing participants to exchange ideas, share success stories, and problem-solve together. Building a strong professional network can lead to long-lasting relationships, mentorship opportunities, and future collaborations.

In conclusion, hands-on science-based events for dog professionals offer a multitude of benefits. From expanding knowledge and skillsets to networking with like-minded individuals, these events are a crucial component of professional development in the field of dog behaviour and training. Whether you're looking to enhance your understanding of specific behaviour issues or simply passionate about furthering your expertise, attending these events can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Advanced Social Cognitive Horse Training Workshop

Horse target training

In a world where relationships with animals are increasingly valued, horse training workshops have gained immense popularity. One such cutting-edge workshop that stands out is the Advanced Social Cognitive Horse Training Workshop. This unique program goes beyond the traditional methods of horse training by incorporating social cognitive learning theory, a neurological process that allows horses and humans to understand and respond to each other's emotions.

The workshop is designed for seasoned horse trainers and enthusiasts who are looking to deepen their understanding of horse behaviour and improve communication with these majestic creatures. Led by renowned experts in the field, participants are exposed to the latest research in social cognitive theory and its application in horse training. Through a combination of theoretical discussions, practical exercises, and hands-on experiences, attendees gain valuable insights into the minds of horses and develop advanced techniques to build trusting relationships.

One of the key focuses of this workshop is the concept of emotional mirroring, which refers to how emotions can be transmitted between horses and humans. By understanding how horses pick up on our emotional cues and respond accordingly, trainers can tailor their training techniques to create a positive and effective learning environment. This approach not only enhances the well-being of the horses but also promotes a deeper bond between trainers and their equine partners.

The Social Cognitive Advanced Horse Training Workshop is at the forefront of the evolving field of horse-human interaction. By incorporating social cognitive theory into horse training, participants gain valuable tools to navigate the complexities of equine communication. Whether you are a professional horse trainer or an avid enthusiast, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to expand your horizons and take your horse training skills to new heights. So saddle up and embark on this extraordinary journey of understanding and connection with your equine companions.

Advanced Social Cognitive Wolf Training Workshop

Gaby Dufresne-Cyr training a wolf

In the realm of animal training, few creatures captivate the human imagination quite like the wolf. Majestic, intelligent, and deeply social, wolves have long been subjects of fascination and study. Their intricate social structures and cognitive capabilities make them both challenging and rewarding to work with. Enter the Advanced Social Cognitive Wolf Training Workshop, a ground-breaking program designed to delve into the depths of wolf behaviour and advance the art of wolf training to new heights.

Understanding the Program

The Advanced Social Cognitive Wolf Training Workshop is not your typical dog obedience class. Led by experts in the field of animal behaviour and training, this workshop takes participants on a journey into the intricacies of wolf psychology and social dynamics. Over the course of several days, attendees immerse themselves in hands-on training sessions, lectures, and demonstrations, all aimed at honing their understanding of wolf behaviour and refining their training techniques.

Key Focus Areas

1. Social Dynamics: Wolves are highly social animals, living in tight-knit family groups known as packs. Understanding the complexities of pack dynamics is essential for effective training. Participants in the workshop learn about pack hierarchy, communication methods, and the role of leadership within the group.

2. Cognitive Abilities: Wolves possess impressive cognitive abilities, rivalling those of many primates. From problem-solving skills to spatial reasoning, participants explore the cognitive capabilities of wolves and learn how to leverage these abilities in their training efforts.

3. Positive Reinforcement Techniques: The workshop emphasizes the use of positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviours in wolves. Through practical exercises and demonstrations, participants learn how to effectively reward good behaviour and shape desired responses without the need for force or coercion.

4. Enrichment Strategies: Wolves are intelligent, curious animals that thrive on mental stimulation. Workshop participants discover the importance of enrichment activities in keeping captive wolves mentally and physically healthy. From environmental enrichment to cognitive puzzles, attendees learn how to create engaging experiences for their wolf companions.

Benefits of Participation

Participating in the Advanced Social Cognitive Wolf Training Workshop offers numerous benefits for both seasoned trainers and newcomers to the field. Attendees gain a deeper understanding of wolf behaviour and psychology, enabling them to build stronger bonds with their animal partners and achieve greater success in their training endeavours. Additionally, networking opportunities abound, allowing participants to connect with like-minded individuals and experts in the field.

The Advanced Social Cognitive Wolf Training Workshop represents a pioneering effort in the field of animal training, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our interactions with these fascinating creatures. By delving into the intricacies of wolf behaviour and cognition, participants gain valuable insights that can be applied not only to wolves but to a wide range of animal species. As we continue to unlock the mysteries of the animal mind, programs like this workshop play a vital role in advancing our understanding and enhancing our relationships with the natural world.

Advanced Social Cognitive Training Workshop Details

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A social cognitive animal training workshop typically focuses on teaching participants how to understand and influence animal behaviour through positive reinforcement techniques, while also emphasizing the importance of the human-animal bond and communication. In these workshops, trainers learn about the principles of animal behaviour, psychology, and cognition, and how to apply them effectively in training sessions.

Key components of a social cognitive animal training workshop

Theory and Principles

Participants learn about the scientific principles behind animal behaviour, including classical and operant conditioning, social learning theory, and cognitive psychology as it pertains to animals.

Hands-On Training 

Workshops often include practical sessions where participants work directly with animals, practicing the techniques they've learned under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Observation and Analysis

Trainers are encouraged to observe and analyze animal behaviour, identifying patterns and understanding the motivations behind certain actions. This helps them tailor their training approaches to individual animals.

Communication and Relationship Building 

Participants learn how to effectively communicate with animals using body language, vocal cues, and positive reinforcement. They also explore strategies for building trust and strengthening the bond between humans and animals.

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Workshops may address common training challenges and provide strategies for troubleshooting difficult behaviours. Participants learn how to adapt their training methods to different species, personalities, and situations.

Workshop Details

The goal of the workshop is to teach professional animal trainers a new learning model, increase their speed and timing to perfect their training skills and advance their career. The Advanced Social Cognitive Training Workshop is ideal for intermediate to advanced dog trainers and other animal trainer professionals. 

Day One:
- Behaviourism & SCT.
- Clicker training for two learning models.
- Free shaping dog behaviour.

Day Two:
- Behaviourism & SCT.
- Working with rodents & the SCT model.
- Free shaping animal behaviour.

Overall, a social cognitive animal training workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework necessary to train animals effectively while fostering a positive and respectful relationship between humans and animals.

Please note: We work with animals, so please consider the schedule might change last minute.