Gaby Dufresne-Cyr Conference Speaker

Gaby Dufresne Cyr presenting a wolf seminar

As a conference speaker, Gaby Dufresne-Cyr brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the stage. With a background in psychology and education, Gaby captivates audiences with her deep understanding of canine behaviour and her innovative approach to dog training. Her presentations are not only informative but also engaging and inspiring, leaving attendees feeling motivated and empowered to apply her insights in their own work with dogs.

Gaby's speaking style is characterized by clarity, enthusiasm, and warmth. She has a natural gift for connecting with her audience, effortlessly conveying complex concepts in a way that is accessible and relatable. Whether she is discussing the latest research findings in animal behaviour or sharing practical tips for improving communication with dogs, Gaby's presentations are always informative, insightful, and thought-provoking.

One of Gaby's greatest strengths as a conference speaker is her ability to tailor her presentations to the specific needs and interests of her audience. Whether she is addressing a group of fellow dog trainers, animal behaviourists, or pet owners, she has a knack for adapting her content to resonate with her listeners. This personalized approach ensures that attendees walk away from her presentations feeling inspired and empowered to make positive changes in their own interactions with dogs.

Overall, Gaby Dufresne-Cyr is not just a conference speaker; she is a dynamic and influential voice in the world of animal behaviour and training. Through her engaging presentations, she educates, inspires, and empowers her audience to create positive and meaningful relationships with dogs based on mutual understanding, respect, and compassion.

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Past Seminars Workshops and Fundraising Events

Gaby Dufresne-Cyr has been a highly sought-after speaker at numerous prestigious events worldwide. From keynote speeches at major conferences to interactive workshops and seminars, she has shared her expertise on topics such as canine behaviour, positive reinforcement training, and the human-animal bond. Gaby's past speaking events have attracted diverse audiences, including fellow professionals in the field of animal behaviour, dog trainers, pet owners, and other animal professionals. Her engaging speaking style, combined with her passion for promoting compassionate and effective methods of working with dogs, has made her a standout presenter at every event she attends.


- Wolf Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal Behaviour Management Alliance, Portland, OR, USA
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- SAFER Test, Mohawk Council Animal Protection, Kahnawa:ke 


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- Bite Prevention, Groupe de l'ACPEQ, Mirabel 
- Dog Language, Canine Festivities, Ste-Adele 
- Dog Language, Festival Plein Air et Voyage, Montreal & Quebec


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