Curriculum Course Content and Structure

What is the Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship Program?

The Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship professional certification course teaches critical thinking by educating students the science of dog training. Furthermore, students learn to discuss and utilize perceptual, spatial, non-associative learning, imprinting, and complex problem-solving processes. The professional dog trainer certification course is a four hundred hour program part-time course for English speaking adults in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom. The Animal Behaviour Apprenticehsip is divided into four semesters. 

School Structure

School calendar
  • Length: from September to June
  • Schedule: Thursday + Friday from 18:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Monthly breaks (when possible)
  • Homework: theoretical and practical
  • Exams: theoretical and practical 

Dog Trainer Course Content Breakdown

Detailed breakdown of the modules and topics covered in the course

ABA Semester-1 

  • Module 1: Canine Biology and Development
  • Module 2: Canine Behaviour and Communication
  • Module 3: Introduction to Dog Learning Theory 
  • Module 4: Dog Training Tools and Equipment
  • Module 5: Health Care and Nutrition
  • Module 6: Basic Behaviour Problems  
  • Module 7: Introduction to Behaviour Modification

ABA Semester-2

  • Module 1: Intermediate Learning Theory 
  • Module 2: Intermediate Behaviour Modification 
  • Module 3: Intermediate Dog Behaviour Problems 
  • Module 4: Intermediate Dog Training
  • Module 5: Group Class Program Planning
  • Module 6: Building a Business Plan
  • Module 7: Dog Training and Social Media

ABA Semester-3

  • Module 1: Advanced Dog Learning Theories
  • Module 2: Advanced Dog Training
  • Module 3: Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Module 4: Introduction to the Scientific Method
  • Module 5: Introduction to Personality Types
  • Module 6: Perfecting the Art of Communication
  • Module 7: Dog Imitation Training 1 

ABA Semester-4

  • Module 1: Dog Learning Future Theory
  • Module 2: Advanced Exotic Animal Training
  • Module 3: Introduction to Group Development Theory
  • Module 4: Contingency Training
  • Module 5: Dog Imitation Training 2
  • Module 6: Confidence Building Exercises
  • Module 7: Compiling Data and Visual Documentation

Hands-on training opportunities and practical skills development

Dog target training

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to work directly with dogs in a supervised setting. This hands-on experience is crucial for developing practical skills and building confidence as a professional dog trainer. Once you graduated, the Dogue Academy supports its alumni throughout their professional development. 

Certification and accreditation upon completion

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certification in professional dog training and behaviour consultation. This professional development course is recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada as a continuing educational establishment and by Revenue Quebec. We give receipts so you can deduct course fees from your income tax report. 

Requirements and Prerequisites for Enrollment

Necessary qualifications and experience required for enrollment

  • A genuine love and passion for working with dogs
  • Possess basic knowledge about dogs
  • Prior experience working with dogs is preferred but not required

Application process and deadlines

  • Submit an online application form with personal details and a statement of purpose
  • Provide any relevant certifications or proof of experience in dog training (if possible)
  • Applications must be submitted no later than Labour Day
  • Future students must conduct an interview before registration

Any specific prerequisites for the course

  • No specific educational background is required to enroll in the course
  • A willingness to learn and a commitment to completing the course requirements
  • Be punctual and respectful in class

Course Books and Apps

Course Pack notebook (included)
Canine Behavior - A Photo Illustrated Handbook by Barbara Handelmen (mandatory)
Do As I Do: Using social learning to train dogs by Claudia Fugazza (mandatory)
Clinical Behavioral Medicine for Small Animals by Karen Overall (optional)

Payment Plan

I understand that the cost of a professional certified dog trainer course can be significant, so to make it more accessible, I offer a flexible payment plan. The course is divided into four semesters, with the payment for the first semester required upfront to secure your registration. The remaining balance will then be divided by the number of months left until the completion of the course, allowing for manageable monthly payments. 

Since people register at different times throughout the year, I do not provide a specific payment amount; instead, each individual's plan will be tailored to their registration date. This approach ensures that you can focus on your training without the added stress of a large upfront financial burden.

Become A Professional Certified Dog Trainer

Now is the time to take the next step in your education and career in dog training. If you are passionate about working with animals and helping pet owners create a strong bond with their furry friends, enrolling in a professional dog trainer course is the perfect choice for you.

Interested in learning more and enrolling in the course? Contact us today to schedule your interview and start your journey towards becoming a certified professional dog trainer!